A short time ago Olsi Bylyku was seized with his girlfriend, for which he had never spoken publicly. Panorma Plus's paparaci photographed the couple during the movie's premiere "Two-finger honey" and the photos made the lap of the net. Initially, Olsi was reluctant to say that he wanted his relationship to remain private, but then surrendered and posted a picture of the beauty that until then was mysterious.

It seems that now the relationship is consolidated between them and Olsi can show more details to the public. Invited to the "Day by Day" Emerson, in Tv Klan, the humorist has confessed that he has taken an important step for his relationship, as, as he has said, the partner has come to know better than he has recognized himself. Couples are coexisting and we can say that things have become quite serious. Hopefully we will soon have new news!