Rozafa's story can not be so distant if you are in it and you see from the great entrance gate how alive and near everyone is Rozafa - the mother of sacrifice, sacrifice and love for life ...

In Shkodra, the city where the captain of the Albanian National Team, Elseid Hysaj, was born and raised, tonight is the great wedding that has received the attention of all. For a few days, the news that Elseid and Florenza will crown their many-year-old love, is rapidly split into the network, so the eyes tonight are in the fortress.

The organized event nag Class Events is cured with personalized details, so that each element seems to tell a story of a couple's love story.

One of the biggest VIP wedding ceremonies in Albania this evening is filled with many surprises for the couple and for all those present.

But what is happening now at Rozafa's castle?

One of the most worthy castles, devoted to love from its foundations, is on the list of all the world's castles that celebrate marriage and human love.

As soon as it enters, the appearance is magical, adding the details of the décor from the Class. Everything has begun to take on the look of a color spectacle, which has just started.

All of Shkodra expects the sunset, during which the bride and groom will tell each other even to the first family witness, son Elis.

The special night at the fortress of Shkodra has just started. The bride and groom are expected to approach the altar and promise to one another eternal love before hundreds of friends and special guests ...