Title: Blue sapphire

Title in original: Saphirblau

Authors: Kerstin Gier

Translated by: Irena Nasi

The genre: Fanta-science

Release date: July, 2019

Number of Pages: 316

Price: 1000 lekë

Book with one sentence

A book that, with irony, fantasy and originality, keeps up and amusing, walking through the millennium, in fulfilling a mission for the good of mankind.

General information about the book

"Blue sapphire" is the second volume of the trilogy of precious stones, followed by the novel "Ruby red". From the moment he discovered that he was the last of the Twelve Travelers of the Time, Guendoline's life took another turn. She is not a regular London girl, but a timely traveler, that the Guardians - a secret order with headquarters in the labyrinth of streets around Temple Church - send her in the ages past to get a blood drop from twelve selected and complete the chronograph, a mission from which depends the fate of mankind. As she searches through other centuries of travelers of time, she tries to understand all the mysteries and prophecies that circulate for the Circle. In his state of affairs, he is disturbed by almost everything: the fact that he flies back and forth over the centuries, the conjecture mixed with the envy of his cousin Sharlota, the boredom of dancing and staying lessons ... Little things like: the little ghost ghost Ksemerius , which only Guen can see and, of course, her travel companion in time: the handsome Gideon, which is largely predictable with her. Undoubtedly, Guen knows where to keep it: from the account of Sen Zhermen, holding the threads of all events and seeking to complete the chronograph as soon as possible, before stopping the enemies. But who are the real enemies? Why does Guen fail to trust him? "Blue Safiris" is an adventurous and amusing, romantic and humorous novel that has captured the hearts of all young people around the world.


"Trilogy of Precious Gems" is an incredibly intriguing adventure, rich in mysterious journeys in time, breathtaking action and thrilling romance.


This novel, as well as the first volume, is written with rare workmanship and pleasant irony, elements that turn it into a quick and irresistible reading. For readers, Guendolina remains one of the most skilful and clever heroines in circulation.

Books Atelier

"Adventure, humor and mystery: all expectations are met."

Booklist, starred review


Kerstin Gier (1966) is a German author of several novels for adults and for new readers. She is internationally known for the trilogy of precious stones, which begins with "ruby red". Other important works include "Männer und andere Katastrophen" (Men and other catastrophes), which has already been screened. Her other books have had great success especially in Germany. The novel "Das unmoralische Sonderangebot" (the immoral accord) won the best German novel of the year in Germany. Kerstin Gier, now works full-time as a freelance writer and lives in a village near Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, with her husband and her son.

Fragments from the book

1) This time we did not even bother any journey in time, nor any brazen demon. During the time of the singing of Hallelujah, the kiss continued to be very soft and careful, but then Gideon put both hands on my hair and pulled me behind. This is no longer a soft kiss and the reaction to it surprised me even myself. Suddenly I felt my body very light and gentle and I threw my hands around the neck of Gideon. I have no idea how, but in the next few minutes, without pausing the kiss, we ended up in the green sofa, and there we continued to kiss, until Gideon suddenly got up and saw the clock.

2) Me and Gideon had sent us to make this journey in time, ordering us to get acquainted with Mrs. Tilnei in chronograph (the reason I had fixed it in smoke, but I did not understand it well enough; it was very important to know how to save the world, but before we did this, my cousin Lucius and Paul - who were said to be the wicked of this story - came into play.

3) Love does not stop anything; she does not ask for the door or the dry and overcomes everything. It has no beginning, has etched its wings forever and will strike them to infinity.