If you've ever betrayed, you know the sensation and the breakup of the heart that causes it. Even the famous, ranging from Siena Miller to Taylor Swift, have talked about their treachery experiences and have shown how they reacted when they discovered the betrayal of partners.

But why are people betrayed? Why not end the connection if they are not happy? What made people go to this choice? These are some questions for which there is no exact answer, as there are various reasons that drive people to betrayal.

Many studies have been devoted to finding these "dogs", but a new study has shed more light on the reasons why people betray. According to a study published in The Journal of Sex Research, the number one reason is the lack of love.

The study surveyed 495 adults to learn the reasons for betrayal. 70% of respondents admitted that the main reason was that they felt neglected in their relationship; sexually, emotionally or both together. While an article in Women's Health found that women who betrayed acted impulsively after being ignored and unaware.

Eva Longoria has a wonderful advice to anyone who has felt hurt by partner's betrayal.

Eva Longoria

" It was not about whom he had chosen, I had moments that I thought," Okay, I'm not sexy enough, I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough? " Then I immediately stopped these thoughts 'No, no, no ... do not start with these!' Because you get stuck in that cycle and you can include it in other things, "said the famous actress.

In conclusion, if you do not feel happy in your relationship, talk to your partner and deal with the situation as an adult.