When you are a well known public person, especially when operating in a small country like Albania it is very difficult for things to go unnoticed. Everything has to do with professional life, but especially with the private one is always curiosity for many fans and admirers, especially for the pink press that has them absolute protagonists. We are talking about some of the most popular Albanian screen girls, such as Top Channel moderator Arbana Osmani, model Aurela Hoxha, soprano Inva Mula or presenter Bora Zemani. These are just some of the well-known Albanian girls who have recently become fussed not only with the commitments and projects of the moment, but especially with heart issues. After their sensational divorces, they have regained great love of heart to partners that have brought emotions and smiles back to them. For the moment, there are the most commented pink stories and in these hot summer days where many are relaxing around the sea somewhere in the sweet "escapes" of this season, such storyboards are read in a breath ...

Arbana Osmani
The well-known and most beloved presenter for the Albanian public has officially put an end to the 16-year-old love story with her ex-husband, with whom she has a son, Jon. Although Arbana Osmani has never talked about her private life, not about the separation, or the love of the moment that is named after Eduart Grishaj, the charming boy who has hijacked the heart, they are both the couple of the moment and look very much happy together. The new Arbana's novel is clearly one of the most commented, but beyond news and media attention, they are enjoying this connection with each other.
Bora Zemani
They are the most controversial trio of the moment, not just for love stories, but especially for new engagement on the screen. The show that Bora Zemani has launched in "Vizion Plus", along with two famous brothers Romeo and Donald Veshaj, makes them increasingly loved by the public. Now, it's no longer a secret. Bora Zemani is divorced from the renowned Vin Veli with whom she has a son and is living a new love romance with Donald Veshaj. They themselves have not officially expressed their new connection, but for the moment is one of the most commented love in the public as well.
Aurela Hoxha
Famous model and entrepreneur, though for years she has moved to live in Spain, is again one of the protagonists of the pink press in the country. Aurela Hoxha, has often been discreet in relation to the issue of feelings, but sharing her former husband Aad, with whom she was very small, has been one of the things she has expressed, though without much rage. Despite this, Aurela has for some time been living a super romance of love with the man who has "stolen" the heart, for whom she says she is very happy to be part of her life.
Inva Mula
The world-renowned Albanian soprano has a private life story that keeps her away from media attention, but when given a chance at various television studios, though in limited numbers, Inva Mula says for details of her life. Divorced in 2018 by composer Pirro Çako, with whom she also has an Anthonyn boy, Inva has created her new family with businessman Hetem Ramadani for several years with whom she also has a girl whom she has set named Nina.