Acne is one of the most common skin problems, in girls, but also in boys! So, the summer season may be one of those stimulating factors that directly affects their appearance. Factors That Favor? Sweets, impurities, dust, etc. Beauty experts have just split the four common mistakes that we all do during the summer with acne, so do good to pay attention to the importance and not neglect.

You do not regularly wash pillow cases and sheets

"You can not understand, but your washed skin leaves bacteria on the pillow," says Dr. Desai Solomon, a certified dermatologist in New York. Our skin accumulates bacteria and oil during the summer, so it is important to change the sheets and pads of the pillows often to avoid contact with the dirt and the bacteria.

You do not clean your face properly

"Keep your pores clean by washing your face twice a day with a detergent containing 0.5 to 2% of salicylic acid," Dr. Desai Solomon for StyleCaster. To use your cleanser properly, it advises you to massage it on your face with your fingertips and leave the product for at least a minute on the skin before rinse. This allows active ingredients to penetrate into your skin.

You are not sweating sweat

"Even if you are working, make sure you clean your skin, maybe with wet paper every three to five hours if you have too much sweating," says Dr. Gretchen Frieling, a dermatopatologist certified by the Boston Board. You do not want to overload your skin with acids that fight all day, so such a step is beneficial to the skin. Be sure to use paper that does not contain strong chemicals.

You are using the wrong sunscreen cream

"Try to avoid SPF creams that are based on zinc oxide and titanium oxide," Dr. Harth for StyleCaster. These lotions are thick and leave a white layer on your skin. This can then lead to blockage of dust.