Perhaps many people do not know, but eating over is a disorder that happens to adults often and can have serious health, psychological and social consequences. Our advice to you is not to combine the consequences that excessive eating can bring. We will show you what can be caused by unhealthy foods and their non-scheduled consumption:

Your stomach is bored

The food you eat should give you energy and every residue should come out of the body. All this process is called digestion. So when you're overworked, your body gets tired. This can cause frequent bowel movements and even diarrhea. Also, what you eat can have an effect. What you should do is eat slowly and eliminate the flesh if you feel you have eaten too much.

Your body feels like in the middle of summer

If you eat more than usual, body metabolism makes a spin. Heartbeats grow and you feel very hot as if you are inside a sauna. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can make your body stop this overloaded metabolism. However, to feel a little better, you should make a cold shower.

You feel anxious

There is a general belief that excessive eating can make you feel drowsy, but the truth is that if you overcome food, you will feel restless and sleepless. Also, if the food you have consumed is high in carbohydrates (like pasta or pie) then be ready to stay sleepless too long. It happens that night, when the level of sugar in the body goes down, you can wake up again hungry.

You got it

If you consume more than enough food, you will feel drowsy. What to do in this case? To feel better, drink plenty of fluids and rest until this condition passes you.