We all make mistakes with purchasing clothes. After you've reached the age of 20, in the first years of work, it's even easier to make mistakes. But some are not corrected, even after many years after the 20s. Here are the most common mistakes.

1. Dress up very beautiful for a job interview and tell the current job manager in the middle of the day that you should leave for a medical visit. Had it not been understood!

2. Blen new socks, because it tends to wash your clothes. Of those free, poor, 3 pairs of 100 Leks that have no pleasant consequences when I wear them.

3. Buy a dress that is not your style, just because your friends say you stay beautiful. Then, whenever you see hanging in the closet, you get nervous with what made you spend so much money.

4. Buy something new because you think it will change your life. If not a purse with the genie of wishes inside, will only change the bank account.

5. I convince myself that you can not wear the same dress twice, because people will recognize it and keep you in the mouth. Who do you think you are, Beyoncé? No one will guard you what you wear. Even if they are or are fixed with you, or have nothing better to do in life. Better come the same thing several times and love it, rather than spending time and money on things that are not so good.

6. It puts the favorite sweater in the washing machine, because you do not have the money for dry cleaning. Why do we just break the sweaters that we have fun? As you know, the pullovers that enter the water can be adjusted by putting them in lukewarm water with a balm and then let it dry over a thick towel.

7. Spends endlessly on cheap clothes and accessories and then complains that you do not have the money to buy good products. Each polyester jumper has had a cost.

8. You bought the identical thing several times. He usually makes the following explanation: "Oh, that gold chain makes it look different!" But the real reason is that you do not like any of those variants. You just have the concern that the perfect variant will never show up.

9. Make purchases according to what others think is appropriate for your body shape. This just does not allow you to try new outfits and convince your body to have some problems that can only be solved with clothes, which is the wrong conclusion.

10. Throws your favorite boots, because they've been eaten up. It took three years for them to find and can not give the shoemaker three days to fix them.

11. Wear clothes that are too small, because you are afraid that buying a larger number means that you are healthy. Oh shit!

12. Blen shoes that kill just because they are so beautiful to leave. I convince myself somehow that it will be easier to walk with them after having had them for three hours.

13. Buy clothes that need ironing when you have broken iron, but even if you were ok, you will never use it. You tried to hang the toilet in the shower to steam iron. Has it worked? Of course not.

14. Spend a lot of money on the name on the label. Many brands are no better than free garments. You just have better marketing to think that's the way it is.

15. You do not buy something that you like because your wife has the same. How rare are the chances of being in the same clothing at the same time in the same place!

16. To say wickedness of the kind that she is very healthy, has the chest board, or anything else to get that outfit. Not only are you bad, but all that bodily hatred makes you more critical of your body.

17. Selling simply because you are bored. Do not you think how much worthless purchases have been started?

18. You bought something very beautiful and then you are afraid to wear it. She keeps it for special occasions, but waits so much for when the case comes, or does not do it anymore, or does not like you so much. It's like having your mature evening dress and after so many years in the closet, do not hate it.

19. Bless something, because it's simple or that fits in with everything and why you do not like it. A beige pardesy is a good investment if you wear it.

20. You've spent endlessly on fashionable or very classic dresses when you have to spend on dresses that match your style. The problem is that you do not have a style of yours. When you understand, everything seems wrong.