Still unlocked for some TV season programs, they have started moving for the new season. One of the most controversial characters expected to return to the screen is Marina Vjollca, who made long vacations from the screen after presenting at Tv Klan "C'est la vie".

September is expected to have new changes on television, programs that will leave the country to others or programs that can change the television channel.

Resources for Indexonline have learned that in the new TV season season at Tv Klan will have innovation. So, on Saturday, in my prime, there will be a program directed by the actors Bes Kallaku and Olsi Bylyku, who will surprise Marina Vjollcë.

Still the news has not been confirmed by the characters or the production, but it is certain that Marina will be engaged this new season after 2 years of absence.

Meanwhile, it is learned that the staff of "BE & Caffe" will continue to be part of the new show that is expected to start in Klan the new season.