Good news! Instagram is taking steps to end bullying. This social media is using artificial intelligence to detect posts or comments that have previously been reported as inappropriate by users. For example, if you wrote "You are ugly and stupid" in posting a user, you will receive an announcement from Instagram: "Are you sure you want to post this comment? Learn more". If you click 'Learn more' then a notification will be displayed: "We ask people to rethink comments that are similar to what users have reported."

Anyway, you can continue to post your comment, but this thing, according to Instagram, affects people by making them reflect and post something that would not hurt others.

Another Instagram innovation is the "Restrict" option, which will help Instagram users filter abusive comments without having to block someone. When a person becomes "restricted", their comment can only be seen by them, not the rest of the audience, and most importantly, he will not know that he is in the "restricted" list.

You can choose to make the comment to the person in question visible to others by approving it. Also, the people included in this list could not see you when you were active on Instagram and even if you read the DM messages.