It is a question that has always been a debate. During pregnancy, mothers are constantly advised about the things they should and should not eat. The question of fish and fish is also among the earliest: Is it safe for a pregnant mother to eat tuna fish during the sweet months of waiting?

Although there were confused thoughts about it, there is now a concrete response from specialists. Earlier, consumers reported that pregnant women should avoid fishing in all circumstances, and the Food Safety Committee does not advise pregnant women to completely avoid their fish from their diet. So what is the right answer?

Mia Finkelston, a family doctor, says for this question: "Like all meals, moderate consumption is usually the safest solution, and so our fish needs to function," explained Dr. Finkelston, " Pregnant women should not eat their own tones daily, because of the high content of mercury, which may damage the baby. Yes, this advice applies to all people. Ton should not consume every day . "

So, does this mean that pregnant mothers should eat fish tons during pregnancy? Dr. Finkelston says the biggest concern for eating fish during pregnancy is the high content of mercury and other toxins it may contain, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxins , which can be hazardous to health (in quantities big). All pregnant mothers, those who nurture breastfeeding or those planning to conceive should be careful. "

So, in conclusion, you may eat our fish, but be careful not to consume more than your doctor has recommended, because you may risk from mercury poisoning. The FDA guides no more than 170 to 340 grams a week, so you should be careful.