Sussex's Duchess has shown that every hair model comes out of the bonnet, boho style, half-cunt, and any other style. But after the birth, it seems that Meghan is no longer experimenting with hair and is loyal to the mace, which we have not seen often before pregnancy.

In fact, the reason why I have looked at this model after birth is related to a trick she is using and who would want to steal all the new motherhood. James Johnson, the VIP parrot, told Mail Online why Meghan is wearing this model.

"When you are pregnant, your hair does not fall, but when it is born, the hair that should have fallen over nine months falls in a short period of time Meghan has chosen a simple clay so that it does not hurt its hair anymore, said Johnson.

Now we understand why she is only exposed with locks, so now you know the secret you can steal. Topuz is the simplest and most practical model that does not require any heat or harmful products, so it is the ideal in times that you may have problems with hair loss.