In these hot days, what we want most is to stay as cool. In addition to the clothes that we need to choose carefully so that they are not heat-producing materials, hair should be molded with patterns that look beautiful and at the same time stay as far away from the shoulders and neck. It is not easy to find the right model to look beautiful, but VIPs always come out. So take a look at the favorite VIP models that will keep you safe from the heat and at the same time look elegant.

Kate Mara
A mauve with minimal effort and everything you need to accomplish is a brooch.

Meghan Markle
A side dish is the best choice in special cases, but why not even in everyday life.

Margot Robbie
An irregular clasp and a velvet ribbon is all you need to look natural and at the same time cure.

Jennifer Lopez
Simple, cool and chic, straight tail never comes out of fashion.

Ashley Graham
Before a glam look, while following a french beard, the model you need in each case.

Gigi Hadid
Tail-lash is the model of the `90s that has been back in vogue this year.
Dear Delevingne
Topuzi on top of the head is perfect and very practical.

Kate Hudson
A great crap like Kate Hudson is never a wrong choice.

Zoe Saldana
This model is adorable, stylish and fashionable.

Taylor Swift
If the heat is getting unbearable and the hair is not going to go, choose the bob or lob bits that are the trend this year.