The tendency of jackets and coats for fall and winter once again attracts the attention that designers devote to them every season ... In the period when the cold is present more than ever and when the "layers" of clothing are few, choose a jacket to fit with the outfit look both chic and minimal, it's a challenge for all girls ...

From appearances in Milan to New York, new collections of autumn and winter promoted a new fashion, structured jackets, architectural lines, sleeveless sleeves of the 1980's and narrow busts ... The material is also structured , original or eco skin and the bottom dressing in warm wool or cloth.

Extra details also take on an important place in the jackets, jigsaws, seams or embroidery that makes them look stylish and make it a simple combination with other accessories ...

In conclusion, 3 are the styles of jackets and coats that will dominate this fall and winter:

Jackets and coats in pink
In all the passages of this season, only one color prevailed everywhere, it is pink! From soft and light nuances to solid ones and neon, pink is the color that you have to have ... Chanel proposes the soft jacket jacket, same as the rain jacket material, while Attico wears the bomber jacket with buttons gave me. Long hard coat by Jacquemus and light pink with MSGM-structured decollets ... This trend is the new discovery of the pink color that science has "sealed" as the oldest in the world and that we have constantly associated with female sex ...

Aviator style jackets
From aviator uniforms to trendy fashion wardrobe ... Short and narrow waistline, with sleeveless sleeves that allow maximum movement, the "bomber" jacket is trendy, chic and at the same time military. The total black in the collections of Versace, Dior and Giambattista Valli, a rock style framed with soft aviator lines! The "must have" jacket is certainly suggested by Prada, with a unique and elegant silhouette, this style should not be lost in the coming season.

Pelerina "couture"
Pelerina is one of the oldest and most traditional outfits, but in the fall winter of 2020 it comes proposed in the couture version! Precious materials, minimal lines, and neutral colors are the ones that add value to this jacket ... The bouquet coupled with metal detail by Celine and the brown coat with pellets suggested by Miu Miu are necessarily a trend that can not be overcome without being put new ... Also animal prints are a trend this year, while Valentino goes with an elegant, intense yellow line.