There is nothing else on the Internet these days, but an event that has received a great deal of media attention. The bride has decided to go against her mother-in-law only because the latter made a decision on her wedding day without asking the couple at all. Two months before the wedding with the love of her life, her mother-in-law decided to add 80 more to her guest list. The future bride, fueled by anger, made the unexpected decision ...

She and her boyfriend had been together for four years. And her relationship with her future mother-in-law has always been strained. He belongs to a wealthy family. She is not. The mother-in-law never accepted and always tried to manipulate their relationship. Then the engagement and preparation for the wedding of the two fiancé's dreams: a trifle, without much pretense, simply to celebrate their love.

Two months before the big day comes her mother-in-law's surprise: she invited 80 more people, none of whom were optional, but all indispensable. Initially their marriage numbered 50 guests and only 15 of them were on the unwanted list.

Of course the future bride is enraged. And she canceled the marriage. But now she wonders if she had the right to erase everything. There are people who absolutely agree with her on the internet because ultimately they didn't want a big ceremony and no one could force them on how to get married.

While other people talk about her as a true heroine because she showed her mother-in-law her deserved place, there are others who say they should have clarified themselves as a couple by finding a deal without going drastic decisions.

What do you think?