A woman who celebrated her 107th birthday on Wednesday has shared the secret of her longevity: never marry!

Louise Signore, who lives in the Bronx, New York, adds that she has followed a strict diet and exercise routine throughout her life. But nonetheless, she believes the real reason she has lived for more than a century is because she has never married.

"If I have to do exercises, I do exercises; if I want to dance, I dance. I still have a bit of a dance course. After lunch, I can play bingo, I have all day," Signore told CNN.

"I believe the secret of 107 years is: I've never been married. That's the secret. My sister tells me, 'I wish I'd never been married.'"

Signore's sister is 102, so longevity may be at the root of the family.

Signore celebrated her 107th birthday at a party at the JASA Bartow Community Center in Co-op City, where more than 100 friends and family were invited.

Alelia Murphy, 114, currently holds the seat of the world's oldest woman, living in the United States. Murphy lives in Harlem, New York, where Signore was born.