You would only want a freshly baked biscuit with chocolate chips, but the recipe is for a whole pan. And well, you end up eating four. However, there are some others that you need to save for later. And if you want to know the best way to preserve them in their original, glorious, short-lived state, here's what to do.

You need a bag of hermetically sealed ones and a slice of bread, better if it's white, but every type works.

How to do it: When the cookies have cooled, place them in the bag and toss the loaf of bread over. He then kissed the top of the bag.

Why does this way keep the cookies fresh? Bread contains natural moisture that biscuits will absorb, so they will not dry out and will not turn into a crumb sack immediately.

What to do now: Give your best by resisting not opening that bag for a few hours.