Copenhagen Fashion Week should definitely serve as an inspiration to add a few things to your wardrobe. We have outlined three trends that are among the most liked currently and will continue to be in the next season.

Sparkling rose
If pastel colors have dominated the past seasons, it's now the turn of the rosy. We'll see it everywhere and don't think twice before making your own outfit in this color. There are many ways to combine this color, which is one more reason to have it in your closet.
'Oversized' jackets
'Oversized' jackets have always been trendy, but they seem to be getting bigger over time. They can be worn on top of anything, but also on the bottom, if you are one of those you dare. Also, with a pair of serious pants you can create a masculine 'look' that is one of the most liked this season.
'Crop' T-shirts
The 'crop' shirts we are seeing all over this year have proved to be the easiest to wear everyday. They can be worn with anything and make you look taller and certainly trendier. This trend of the 90s is back to staying long.