No coincidence that so many divisions are written about, song hits, countless books. Given the nature of each of us, separating from the loved one brings a sense of idleness, loneliness, and closure in itself. But how do others, close friends, who are always there when they need it, look at it.

In fact, whatever they say, they don't even believe it, however, friends always have a good thing - to love equally after separation.

It won't get any better than you. After a break up, no matter how nice he is, he will not even notice you. So after the first rage, you will continue to be bored until one day you realize that it is no longer worth it. Regardless of what others say.

You'll do better. It is never known. However, finding one is not very difficult. The idea is that at the moment he is the only male in the world for you and you don't want to think about anyone else.

Later you will remember all this and you will laugh. This is what everyone wishes. Vёrtet. But do not think that such a thing will happen very soon. After a relationship there are many that remain pending until the day they are removed from your life forever. Only if Leonardo DiCaprio comes half naked and kneels and says you are the woman of his life. Yes, in this case even Penelope, the greatest faithful, would forget Odyssey in a second.

Well, if I were your age, I would come out every day. You will probably hear this from your mom or your aunts. But who thinks about it, when you can only have someone to share every moment, from hand-to-hand walking to solving the biggest problems. So Mom and Aunt do well to tell each other these "jokes."

It's time to enjoy the freedom. When a relationship has lasted more than three years, it is true that in some cases single life may have been missing. But you need to know something else. Women who are single do not go out every night and do not have sex with them, in general they do not have sex.

He will repent. With complete certainty, he will not regret it. When it comes to the separation phase, it is very difficult for a drum like this to change its mind. Because it includes all those situations in which you have put yourself behind the partition. Especially when you are 25, the more things get worse. It is very difficult to repent, unless you find something better within a short time, or the fact that there might have been a serious reason for this decision.