Anyone who has followed Elizabeth Hurley on her Instagram has found it impossible to be fixed on her youthful skin and her secret to look younger. The 54-year-old has gone crazy with the photos he recently posted, but with them has also revealed the secret to longevity.

You will not leave her look for more than 25 years from this photo, but in fact Elizabeth is 54 years old, though she does not show this at all.

As the model herself has revealed, the secret of her youthful skin is keeping away from the sun.

In the last photo posted by the pool, the model writes: ' Get out in the sun before 9am and after 6pm - moreover under a large tent. '

Very good and young physical condition also lies in the exercises that 54-year-old usually does or even healthy foods.

It also shows that it avoids heavy evening meals. Discovering her best type of diet, Elizabeth said: "Eat food early in the day so you have more time to digest it. The body can rest during sleep."