This text was written by a boy. With the disadvantage being foreign and this list will not contain many expressions that Albanian boys use among them. He says that even men talk about girls, they have their own codes. Some say and others really want to say. But they themselves can give us meaning. Learn what she thinks about you as she thinks, as this well-known girl relations expert wrote:

"She's ok"

What it means: We probably like it

Why we use it: We don't want to discuss intimate details with all our friends about a girl we love.

Use the sentence: “She's ok. We went out again last night. ”

Synonyms: "She's good", "There's nothing to scold", "Everything's ok."

"I like it"

What it means: We like it very much.

Why we use it: We're always a little reserved about expressing true feelings, we don't want to say that we really like her.

Use in sentences: “I like it. Maybe this girl is worth it. "

Synonyms: "She's fantastic"

"It's cute"

What it means: We care.

Why we use it: We like a pretty girl when we say "cute", however, maybe we're not quite ready to use words like "sex" for her yet.

Used in the sentence: "I don't know exactly what she has, but she's cute, that's for sure."

Synonyms: "There is something special about it"

"Has a strong personality"

What it means: We may be commenting on this girl's aesthetic shortcomings.

Why we use it: We are interested in that girl, for reasons beyond her physical appearance.

Used in the sentence: "I am not late for her looks, she is a woman of strong personality."

Synonyms: "The picture is not important to me."

"I don't like it in that sense"

What it means: We either value a girl's friendship, or we really don't like it.

Why we use it: We have no desire to misinterpret our behaviors or make the wrong impression.

It is used in the sentence: "No mo, we were talking about work, I don't like it in that sense."

Synonyms: "We're just friends", "It's not the way you remember it", "I don't care more about it".

"I just need to get away from it for some time."

What it means: Another girl grabbed our attention.

Why we use it: We seek an easy way out of our current relationship or situation.

It is used in the sentence: "Yes, I like it, but I don't know, I need to get away from it for a while."

Synonyms: "I need some space", "I want time to find out what I want."

"I closed it with him, this time for nothing."

What it means: We'll go straight to her house as we leave.

Why we use it: Because we don't want kids to think we're falling into the same trap.

It is used in the sentence: “She has tired my head. I've closed with that, this time for quite some time, I swear. "

Synonyms: "That's what it was", "We've closed it, but it's not over."

"She just doesn't know what she wants."

What it means: But I know he doesn't love us.

Why we use it: We can't accept rejection and want to hide it as much as we can with other stories.

Used in the sentence: "She's back with them again, she just doesn't know what she wants."

Synonyms: "We wanted to split up", "We needed to look for the twin soul."