While vacationing on the Greek island of Mykonos, famous models Bella and Gigi Hadid went through an unpleasant incident that left them traumatized. The house they rented was robbed and the thieves took all the valuables of the models. Also, as sources close to the models said, police did not take the situation seriously and the girls were forced to flee the island by emergency by a private jet.

After that Gigi reacted by writing on social media, saying: "They robbed us. I'll never go back there lol. I don't recommend it. Spend the money somewhere else."

It took so long for the Greeks to attack the model, accusing it of slandering an entire state.

"Let me know this. You're blaming all of Mykonos for robbing you and in return you are trying to influence the tourism and economy of the country by asking people not to go there?" -written in a comment.

As another put it: "I was robbed in Miami ... I'm not telling people not to go there ... Stupid post."

There have been numerous accusations against the model by the Greeks, who are outraged by this post.