Who likes to wear super short dresses? If you also love them but do not feel comfortable with them, you are reading the right article to learn a trick that everyone is using. Short dresses look nice and long, but there is a risk, a wrong move or a little wind blowing, you can turn into fun for the occasional bystander. You don't want to give away a street show so start using the tricks that girls around the world are using, including celebrities.

The solution is the cyclist's breeches, which have been very fashionable since last season. You probably have such a pair in the closet, if not the time to buy them right away. Irina Shayk was photographed a few days ago on the streets of New York while walking her daughter. The model wore a super short dress and a pair of cyclists under her. The perfect solution for such dresses!

Moreover these shorts look very trendy underneath the dress and are very fashionable. Now you know what to do next time you are going to wear a short dress.