Fashion, increasingly prevalent in diets, to replace a meal with ice cream hides something extraordinary ... For the heat of these summer days everything seems ideal, but what about hunger and blood sugar? More and more people are following strict, low-calorie diets during the summer. Nutritionists and dieticians are proposing to their clients to replace ice cream with one of the daily meals providing a maintenance of body lines. And so far, everything fits ... But what about hunger and blood sugar? Is ice cream for lunch really good as they say or is there anything else to know about your body's wellbeing? Let's find out together!

Ice cream for lunch, can you? When asked whether it is possible to eat ice cream during the diet or not, the unanimous answer is definitely positive. Doctors, Nutritionists, Dietitians in short, the confirmation that we do not turn it into fat is a medical-health fact! We might consider the calories of an ice-cream cake just like a salad paired with a sandwich or a handful of flavored pasta. So no harm to the diet and keeping the perfect lines through this one-meal meal replacement is ok.

The thing that gets discussed is the duration of saturation, which is much lower, as well as the subsequent peak of glycemia. Within two hours you will be much hungrier after eating lunch with just one ice cream rather than a healthier meal like the ones described above. With the risk of eating too much in the afternoon or at dinner, a solution needs to be considered. In fact, eating a cake of fruit flavored ice cream or cream defines a true glycemic peak in the blood. In short we will have a sense of instant satiety and seemingly even more energy but the effect will be catastrophic. Ice cream and blood sugar.

This is called the relapse effect or glycemic control typical for those who consume snacks or other sweets during the day. But then what is the solution? Of course we would never want to give up enjoying a good ice cream in the summer ... And, the secret is to eat a salad of boiled eggs and tomatoes first so that it has the proper nutritional value and also the saturation needed. Only then can we fill the meal with a small or medium ice cream, preferably with fruit!

Enjoy your meal!