Mobile phones have revolutionized what it means to work from home.

As technology is advancing at a very fast pace, it is also allowing different employees to avoid the traditional way of working from home, where they must have their own work environment.

Many of today's professions do not even require you to have a computer and this is entirely possible only with your mobile phone.

Below you will find the 7 professions that you can easily practice from your mobile:

Customer service

If you have the right experience with different types of hardware or software, then you can easily work from your mobile. According to a study by Glassdoor, the average basic salary for an employee working in customer service is approximately US $ 35,800, a salary that would make your life less difficult in small US cities or rural areas. .

Foreign language teachers

Online courses for learning foreign languages are many, which increases the opportunities for all teachers who want to practice such a profession online. All you need is a mobile phone and registered students online.

App testers

If you are one of those people who spend all day using their cellphone, we advise you to use it to generate income as well. Wouldn't it be ideal if you were to use it to test new applications and make money? The app you need in case you decide to become an app tester is AppNana.


If you have a good car, a good phone and most of all if you are very careful when giving your car, then you can earn a living by working for Uber or Lyft. Average annual earnings for an Uber-based driver go up to $ 90,000.

Influencers on social media

You do not have to be a known person to do what is now on the list of genuine, influential professions on various social media.

Telephone operator

Unlike your idea, you don't have to have a computer to work as a telephone operator. Depending on the campaigns offered by different phone companies, they are also introducing working as a telephone operator requiring only one cellular but in this case also headphones. Depending on the difficulty of the campaigns, payments also vary.

Market seeker

If you don't find it annoying to work with different people on the phone, then you can make money and work for different market research companies.