According to one study, people who have brown eyes are special, have something more that characterizes them than others. There are some points over which they have an advantage, such as a predisposition to connect with others more simply.

Several factors determine the character and characteristics of a subject, one of which is the eye color that reveals certain details of a subject. According to science, in fact, the color of brown eyes indicates a genuine and loving personality. They like to be in the company and try to go to live places where they can make new friends. They are also romantic and passionate people and they give everything on their own, whether it be love or friendship.

They are born to be leaders and this makes them a reference point for others, being able to make decisions decisively. They always have a joke ready and are smart, making their friends happy and entertained.

According to scientists, these features come from a magnetic field that belongs to these subjects, which makes them empathetic both from a joyful and a painful point of view.

A special mention for brown-eyed women, who being very difficult to love, need deep attention and constant presence. They are also excellent mentors and listeners, making them ideal protagonists in the most difficult moments. We've talked about people with this eye color, but let's not forget all the other colors that in their own way know how to be special, having most of the time in common features, other times unique features.