Perhaps the secret to a passionate rapport lies in kisses that shake. It's the simplest way to excite your partner and get extremely close to him… guaranteed. Forget the boring routine and fuel the passion with these seven sexy kissing ideas.

Get involved in a long kiss that will not continue with sex. Yes, you are on your way to the cinema, concert or work. And what then? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy a slow, deep kiss for 20 seconds.

Put your partner anywhere but on the edge. Copy Vivian, Julia Roberts' character to Pretty Woman, and kiss him everywhere until he goes crazy and begs for more.

Recreate your first kiss. Be nostalgic. Go where you first kissed, weeks, months, or years gone by.

Sweeten kisses with cream pana. Squeeze a little where you will kiss for a super delicious experience and let the honor return. Chocolate syrup works too.

Play a little though & mazo. Don't wait for strange sex to happen. I held her hands while giving her a long, deep kiss. Do you want to switch roles? Tell him to blindfold you so you don't know where his lips are.

Perfect your French. We don't know any guy to like open-mouthed and multi-lingual kisses, so don't do it even if you are the type "the least saliva, please." And though it is watery, it is hot.

Suck. If the kissing phase is going on endlessly, try something new. Carefully suck his bottom lip or tongue tip to make it tremble.