If you've ever seen guys who are hard to read, you're not the only one. But fortunately, there are others who give positive signals and show that they have an interest in seeing the relationship with you away. If you have often asked yourself, "Is this relationship serious?", The partner may give you some signals to figure out the answer. Then it is easy to see that he is nurturing pure feelings for you and thinking the same way with you. to understand.

1. Have a conversation with you about the fact that there will be a long and serious relationship.

2. Respect your opinion and usually ask what you think.

3. Listen and share his opinion with you, hear your advice and consider them.

4. It is honest and transparent.

5. Set aside all old stories.

6. He misses you whenever you are not near him.

7. Wants to know you even more and shows you this.

8. Make plans for the future with you and try to make them a reality.

9. He tries to include you in his social life.

10. It is at a point in life when partnerships can work quite well.

11. You have met all his friends and family.

12. It does the impossible to make a good impression when presenting it to your closest people.

13. Is content to wait for the intimate moment, even leaving you the opportunity to seek it.

14. He is almost always punctual, but apologizes if he is late.

15. Make it special and emotional the moment that will go with you.

16. He is mindful of your happiness and strives to help you with everything you need.

17. It is always the initiator to call you and never mind if you ever refuse.