Erik Lloshi crowned love with his partner, Romina Sablic, a few days ago. At the singer's wedding were present some of his colleagues, such as: Lawrence Hasrama, Aurela Gaçe, Olta Boka, Mateus Frroku, Juliana Pasha, Kledi Bahiti and others. What everyone noticed was the absence of singer Angela Peristeri, who is Eric's close friend. After this absence, the media began to allude that the relationship between the singers was not the same as before and that they no longer spoke to each other.

A few hours ago, via an Instagram post, Angela ended those rumors by revealing that they continue to be friends. She posted part of Eric's new song "Pledge of Love", which is a dedication to his wife.

“Many successes Erik! Love to inspire you for beautiful songs ”- wrote Angela.

Now you can sleep comfortably, Angela and Eric continue to maintain friendship and there is no conflict between them! Although the reason for her absence at the wedding is still unknown.