Men think more about sex than women, they get more excited and want to do more, but beware because women can have multiple orgasms! Today we talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of sexual pleasure on both sides of the coin, namely women and men. A beautiful challenge, in short: on the one hand men's pleasure, easier to achieve, but on the other we have the female orgasm, which is much stronger and can last twice as long as the masculine one!

Differences between male orgasm and female orgasm e

The fact that men have more regular orgasms is certainly no mystery. According to some statistics it seems that nearly 80% of sexual intercourse ends with a male orgasm. In this case, most of the time the relationship ends, as the so-called post-warm-up period begins, a time when one is as if he is unable to move on! In terms of duration it varies from five to nine seconds. Different discussion for women! The climax of pleasure is harder to reach, just think about the fact that there are women who can't get an orgasm through penetration. But in case it does, it seems that the pleasure is really intense (much more than the masculine one) and also in duration we are about 20 seconds maximum!

Masturbation and fabrication

The differences between men and women make the discourse different on this topic. Self-eroticism is as old and ancient as the world itself, but during masturbation a woman can extend her orgasm for up to four minutes using different techniques or sex toys. A time almost equal to men, though some declare even shorter. Speaking of fiction, both genders both men and women claim to have orgasms, even though women appear to have a higher proportion in duration.