Are you tired of the classic model of jeans? Have another pair of skinny wardrobes and a pair of 'mom jeans' in your wardrobe, and again, don't know what to do with them? The moment has come when we need to update the style of wearing jeans in some new ways. 5 are the options the last season of the year proposes to you, get to know them…

Jeans longer than usual
Bad news for short girls and super news for those with long legs. The shorts to the ankles are officially out, the new trend is just that!

Wide denim
It's time to give up and "breathe" ... The wide-legged jeans are back in fashion and look fantastic if paired with boots or high heels. Make sure the jeans waist is high and tightly wrapped around the waist.

Faded gray jeans
Like everything classic, black jeans have turned into something boring and have a very interesting solution to replace. Try a pair of faded gray jeans and give the dress a "vintage" touch by combining them with "oversize" jackets. Find the denim shape that suits you the most and you just created a new look unlike other times.

Jeans with pens
If Chrisy Teigen can wear them, then why not us. The most chic type of jeans is typical for exposing body shapes, waist and skirts.

"Relaxed" Jeans
If "skinny" and "boyfriend" jeans had a baby, the offspring would be these jeans, neither narrow nor wide. This is the perfect style for a sweater combination and this is exactly what you need for a weekend look.