Prescriptions as a feminine accessory have existed since ancient Greece and today, almost every woman wears this because she believes it offers benefits, especially to those who wear it daily. But some studies have surprised everyone and discovered the advantages of not wearing prescriptions. If you are curious as to why experts are against their attire, read on. We list five reasons:

Blood circulation will improve

We all want our clothes to be fit, but we always try to buy tight bras. In fact, tight clothing tightens our breast tissue. All this tension and compression can tighten blood vessels and prevent blood flow, just like any other tight clothing. Not wearing prescriptions will make the blood flow freely, giving the breast a healthier appearance and improving blood flow throughout the body.

You will sleep better

It is common practice to wear bras at night while you sleep. But this habit is not healthy. As one study shows, bras can affect sleep. So remove them before going to bed to sleep better.

It can increase the size

We often use push-up t-shirts to look more fashionable, but the easiest way to get a fuller chest and a more visible neck is not to wear bras. This is because when the breasts hang naturally, the pectoralis muscles become stronger because they work against gravity. So even if your chest doesn't grow, tight muscles will make your chest look fuller.

Your breasts will become stronger and more vibrant

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of the University of Besançon spent 15 years studying female anatomy. Here's what he discovered: a woman has a more toned breasts after a year of wearing no bras and has more glamorous and larger breasts with about 7mm more. Similar results have been found in Japanese studies.

Your overall breast health will improve

Avoiding bras can also help improve skin and muscle health as blood flow improves, muscle tone shrinks, and sweat and dirt no longer remain trapped under recipe materials that prevent the skin from breathing.