A healthy bond is not just a gift, but your choice and your hard work to keep it going. Everyone has problems and misunderstandings in their relationships. Sometimes it seems like it's easier to give up. However, if you love your partner dearly and are willing to do anything for him, you will certainly not give up easily.

The path can be difficult, but if you go through these 5 difficult stages, your connection will last forever:


Not everyone can accept criticism, but when they happen between two partners and one does not tolerate them, this turns into a worrying problem. If you have reached the stage where you accept the criticism of your better half, then we can fearlessly write that you have a consolidated connection.

Crumbling walls

Most of you have experienced at least one moment when your partner built a wall between you and didn't want to talk about a problem. It looks like they don't want to know and are ignoring you. 80% of men are like that. It is important to learn how to identify signs when your partner is emotionally upset and not to neglect them. If the problem is to be discussed it is always best to choose the right time when you are more at ease.


Kids, the financial crisis, the toxic family members and all that stuff together, can drive you crazy and that is how you get to a blast. You don't want to do anything but leave. This phase can happen at any time in the relationship. Never forget that challenges are a part of life and all are temporary. If you can manage the most difficult times together, your connection will grow. Connection is not only about sharing joy and happiness, but also about sharing problems.


This is the stage where you finally realize that you will not solve problems as before, but will respond peacefully. If your partner makes a mistake somewhere, forgiveness will be easier, because not all people are perfect, including yourself.