40-50 percent of married couples in the US decide to divorce and get divorced. Most people think something like this won't happen to them, but the idea alone is not enough. It is always better to work on your relationship together and never give up on your love for one another.

A marriage can stay happy if you avoid arguments and misunderstandings.

But whose happiness is more "important" in a relationship?

According to a recent study, the happier a woman is, the happier a husband is in his life. The "trick" includes the psychology of a woman. Women tend to do more and more for their partner if the marriage is successful and has a positive effect on the husband's life.

394 couples were analyzed and on average, they had been married for 39 years. And here are some interesting things happening! Overall, they rated their life satisfaction as high: giving it 5 out of 6 points.

What is more striking is that men's ratings on marriage were more positive than their wives! A happy woman just makes a man even happier!

And there is a more interesting finding! The study also concluded that women become less happy if their husbands get sick. At the same time, men's happiness levels do not change when their wives fall ill. The explanation is simple!

The wife always cares for the husband if he feels bad. And that can be really stressful for women. But if the woman falls ill, she relies on her daughter - if she has one, so the husband will not suffer the same stress.