Monday, we all know, is a good day to start new and beautiful things - a diet, a new job, a project whatever. But when Monday coincides with a special date like today, then you need to focus more.

Whenever you think about launching new projects, no doubt your mind goes to a day like this. The calendar has its own plans, though we sometimes disagree with this part. Because we think that "next week", "next month" is better for starting a diet, looking for a job or even something else that we have set ourselves.

Indeed, we are all focused on doing beautiful things on such days, but why is today so special?

The number nine, taken from the many superstitions of the ancient peoples, is considered to be the level of the perfect number 3. Basically, the ninth is complete with the triad, which is known by all to be a biblical number, the number of the holy trinity.

All that happens in our lives is, in fact, a universe of mysteries that cannot be answered. However, astrologers have something to say even on special days like today.


Because marriage should always be on a marked day. It remains that way all of life, whatever day it is set. However, think about how beautiful this date looks in documented photos, wedding invitations and any other details that bear the date. Eh, those who get married on a day like this, or even those who are celebrated, are lucky people.

A new home

Even for this, this date is marked. We all get tired of the routine, and doing new things on a marked date is a beautiful memory that will always accompany you. A day like today will be long remembered if you move from home.

New job

Aside from being a Monday, today is a good date for a new job. If you are looking for something these days but haven't decided yet, don't go for it. Sign today.


Signing documents with today's date is another action you can take today to remember long; Buying a home, starting a loan or even a contract will be good on such a day.