It all happened to us that Mom was distracted when we were little when she saw us combing our hair ... 100 times a day. As many times as we went out in front of the mirror. But as the years go by, the hair combing routine has changed and is no longer so frequent. It is enough only once a day, once it comes out of the shower. This can also be the routine of the day for many of you. Get out of the shower, brush your hair with a towel for a few minutes, then brush with it while still wet. Well, here's making a big mistake.

Have you ever wondered why your hairdresser never uses a thin brush to comb wet hair? Because you should never use a brush on damp hair. The reason is very simple: wet hair is quite fragile and prone to rupture. To avoid this, you should use a wide-tooth comb. For every kind of hair you have.

So, if you're making such a mistake on wet hair, then stop using it. It is a solution that will keep your hair healthy.

This does not mean that the filament brushes should never be used. Not advised for wet hair, but even in cases where this is unavoidable, then choose the kind of brushes that have thin strands resting on an oval tire. Its presence creates a more flexible brush movement over the hair without damaging the scalp.