Meghan Markle has an innate elegance to the outfit and that is undeniable already, but her sophisticated look, even bold at times, has some secrets that get you into the job. Meghan has already created her own style, so much so that it has become a fashion icon, not only when choosing black and white contrast, but also when it comes to colors. She always has in her dress personality traits that convince us that her choices are always unique.

Meghan's standard wardrobe can also serve as an inspiration to you, however, the tricks the Duchess of Sussex uses are simple and can easily guide you through the wardrobe.

Here are Meghan's choices that make her always look stylish:

A pardesy and tight jeans

A striped dress and a shoulder jacket

Floral dress and jacket

Striped cream dress in the middle

Pants and short jacket

Denim dress

A silk canoe and suit

Tight leather skirt and button-down cream shirt

Golf, oversize jacket and jeans

Three-piece dress and heels

Pardesy with quad and waist strap

Long tight and pardesy dress

Black dress and heels with prints

White shirt and high waist bottom

Dress with prints and jacket

Black dress and flat shoes