A ring that Angela Peristeri wore on the ring finger for several years became the main news of the portals, especially after Olti Curri publicly revealed that the ring was not a simple gift ... Although the singer herself has never confessed to her private life , it seems that things are going well in this regard, so it has slowly begun to discover the missing one that is in a relationship.

Invited this afternoon to "Rudina" for her new clip "Beautiful Soul," Angela once again returned to the ring story that made everyone believe there was something more to what looked like a proposal ring.

Excited by Rudina for her real wedding and white dress, Angela said that, in fact, she is not very much in favor of marriage because it seems to be a simple ceremony: “It is not in my immediate plans and I have said that I'm not very pro-marriage. For me it's just a ceremony. I think the most important thing is to find the heart man and be nice to him. Sure, a nice ceremony to wear the white dress and get people together, but that's not as important to me as thinking about it ... ”

What about the ring on her finger, is it a proposition ring?

"Yes, it has the shape of a proposition ring, it's a gift I keep wearing, because it is so beautiful and I like it, and when replaced with another ring ..." Angela continued, but Rudina interrupted: "This ring can to be replaced with the other ring? ”

"Yes, this will definitely be replaced ..." - said Angela, confirming that the proposal is a ring.

As Angela spoke out against the marriage ceremony, Rudina asked if she had a cohabitation or a child in her plans: “Not the close plans, but they are in dispute. Of course, I also love a kid like everyone else, but my big commitments are never-ending and I have to decide. When the time comes, we'll talk about it again ... ”Angela said.

Regarding the privacy of personal life, Angela said she has always wanted to not make it public: "Life is not known, I can speak today of great love and tomorrow I may not have it anymore. I have no interest in talking about shows or remembering anything, so I better keep it to myself ... ”

But if she is expecting a baby, then she will certainly tell because she will not stay home for nine months, she said.