Change the color of the walls according to your mood: Choose a soothing tone that will encourage both of you to relax. Forget the gray shades, warm pastel options are everyone’s favorite.

Invest in quality sheets: You can find sheets everywhere that make sleeping easier. Choose cotton material and fabrics that don't bother you at night.

Keep the mess in check: Nothing kills your mood when under control. The bedroom look may not be perfect, but if there is something out of order, it becomes tiring to the eye. Look for furniture fitted with drawers and cupboards, hide everything that does not need to be seen in boxes and baskets. Use everything with the system.

Always keep music: Some consider TV a necessity for the bedroom, but it can also be a major distraction. The music attracts but does not require the same attention as TV. Keep something that calms you down.

Make the most of low light: Another variation of light? Candles lit. Not only to create atmosphere, but also to save energy. The bedroom is even more romantic so.

A dining tray: Breakfast is not the only food you can enjoy in bed - next time, dinner is served in the bedroom.