We all want the scent to last us long. Sometimes we have nothing to put in the bag and choose to "sacrifice" the perfume by not taking it with us. But how do you make it last all day, even if you just throw it in the morning? Surely these tricks will get you the job done, so attention!

Something that will help you a lot in maintaining the fragrance for a long time is Vaseline, which creates a perfect base for preserving the scent. Apply a little petroleum jelly to the areas you want and spray the perfume over it. If you do not have petroleum jelly, the moisturizer will work for you too.

Also, another trick is to throw perfume right after the shower. If you apply the fragrance to damp skin, the water will make the scent last longer. Additionally, you will avoid scent stains on clothes.

Trick number 3 is a bit unusual, but with an amazing result. Spray the scent on the comb before combing your hair, so the scent will spread to the hair and they will smell good throughout the day. Be careful not to spray the scum directly on the hair, as the result may not be what you wanted.