One year after divorce, a woman's quality of life declines by 73%, while that of a man by 42%. This is why psychologists recommend you not make decisions while you are nervous, especially if you love your partner. Ask yourself some questions and think about everything thoroughly.

Everyone will sooner or later encounter a situation where they have to make a difficult choice — how to save a relationship hoping that it will return to normal or be destroyed.

Psychologists do not recommend leaving a partner you truly love, but it makes no sense to stick to the "OK but not great" relationship. It is important to make a decision that you will not regret in the future. , before making the decision to partition, you should ask yourself these questions:

-This person I'm with, do you take my best from me?

-Do we have the same goals in life for the future?

-Do I feel happy or sad all the time?

- Do we both compromise?

-Why do I want to be separated from this person?

-Will my life be better after this split?