Singer Barbana Dini has returned to music after a long break after the death of her brother, singer Ergi Dini. Just a few days ago she released her first clip after 5 years of absence.

Invited to the Rudina show on Tv Klan, Barbana has recounted the return to music and the pledge not to have a song with her brother Ergin. The singer said that the song they left half would be released on October 15 on his birthday.

I was stunned that I didn't have a song with Ergin, but the song I will bring on October 15, the day he was born. It's a song Ergi wanted to do together, but the demo remained. We could not achieve it fully. This will be my next project, which I am dedicating to get it out on time and to be as perfect in every detail as Ergi would like. I have great responsibilities and emotions, so I have always pushed it in time, but I will. The song is with lyrics and music by Ergi and is titled "Where Are You". I have decided not to interfere in anything, neither in the lyrics nor in the music, it will be as he built it, " - said the singer.