Have five minutes to make your partner happy? You probably have more, but it's a well-thought-out experiment that shows that even a little effort can make a big difference to your relationship. This, for example, is a gradual extension of time, because many experts say that even 60 seconds a day is enough to make life better. Let us now show how five minutes can make your partner happy, how long you are truly committed to achieving that goal.

When you get home, ask the woman, "What can I help you with?" Then, for at least five minutes, do what she asks for. Many men ask and do half the work. The job can be "clean the table" and they only raise a few dishes. Or "change the baby" and they leave the damp napkin and cream box unopened and any empty diaper bags somewhere in the square. Just five minutes is enough for a lot of work, or to relieve someone. Last of all, for five minutes a woman will see her doing a job rather than sitting on the couch without doing anything that women hate and that will make her immediately happy and less stressed.

Mention your partner what you value in what she does. For a full five minutes, talk about what your girlfriend does and what makes you happy, appreciated, and appreciative. Five minutes is a long time to talk over and over. She will enjoy and can see you as she saw you at the beginning of your story. Or a slightly tired variant.

Send him an email to tell him how much he loves you. Not philosophy, not projects, just a love letter. Women like these. Most. If you do and it doesn't affect your happiness much, next time do it ...

Get into a shopping site and spend five minutes buying diamond earrings.

We were joking, only if you got some fat bonus. It doesn't take long, but if you haven't gotten any bonus these times, buy a T-shirt dedicated to it.

When you go to bed with him, look him in the eye and tell him how much he wants you and how sexy he is. Use epithets for every little thing. For five minutes. It's a very long time for most men because, the usual is "you're too good", or no word, some kiss and straight to the core. Five minutes to tell her how much she wants and why she deserves those five minutes she's been missing for some time.