If we all thought we, at least, knew how to cook an egg, we would probably feel bad after reading this. Even a fried egg, which may seem the simplest thing, has some tricks that make it taste better.

All of us have thought that with a little oil and turning both sides is the right way, but according to Bon Appetit, this is a wrong technique. Which is the right way?

If you are going to make a delicious egg, you need to keep in mind a few tricks:

The first is frying pan: it should be of medium size and non sticky.

Pour a lot of olive oil so that the entire surface of the pan is covered.

Once you have warmed the pan and the oil, then toss the egg in if you like a little bit of jump. Pour hot egg oil with a spoon without turning. (Note that the egg sticks to each pan if it and the oil are not hot.)

Warning: the egg should never be turned over.