To "get stuck" in a toxic relationship is really depressing, so here are five signs your partner no longer deserves it. So you should not neglect them, on the contrary! Read them very carefully!

It always makes you feel bad

Whether it's accidental or intentional, you find that your partner does nothing but hurt you and often makes you feel useless. A healthy relationship is not based on this. If your partner doesn't make you happy, it's time to end things because you don't deserve this style of life.

He no longer respects you

If you notice your partner disrespects you, doesn't want to talk to you or even discuss something important to keep your relationship healthy, it's time to change course.

He demands more than he gives

For a relationship to work, both partners must invest heavily in the relationship. Giving and receiving is an important process in a relationship, but this dynamic is sometimes one-sided. If your partner takes it without feeling the need to give, he is certainly using you to his advantage.

You get bored when you're together

If you have a happy and healthy relationship, you will never be bored. Your partner will find a way to entertain you, instead of letting boredom reign among you. You both need to do something to avoid falling into monotony. If you're the only one who does everything to make the relationship happy, then he doesn't deserve you.

It does nothing but lie

Liars and cheaters are the worst. Your partner doesn't respect you enough to talk to you. His way is to lie and not respect himself. If he is interested in another person, he obviously does not like you enough. It makes no sense to stay together ...