A careful observation of the color of menstruation is not a ritual or an action that every woman does! But without modesty and firmly we say that from today you must do this. Because through the color of your periods, you women can learn a lot about your health! Menstrual blood gives you helpful indications about your health and if you are really threatened by something serious! These are the first signs ...

Light red or pink

You're probably at the beginning of the cycle. If you are not or have this type of leak during the month, you should contact your doctor and check that there are no specific reasons for these losses, such as an infection, mucosal secretions, or significant hormonal changes that should be evaluated. Otherwise it is normal for such a phenomenon to occur during the first month of taking the contraceptive pill.

Bright red

If your menstrual color is bright red it may be normal, but if the cycle is longer than usual this may be a sign of the presence of a surprisingly high level of estrogen you should research or you are following a diet unbalanced in nutritional values or another possible cause is the excess of alcohol. Whatever the reason it is obvious that there is something going wrong!

Dark red

The color of menstruation dark red is typical of the central phase of the cycle or of abundant and long cycles, but may also be indicative of a fibroma or unusual estrogen level.

Red in orange

It can be the color of menstruation mixed with urine, but it can also signal a potential infection, especially if there is a presence of strong, heavy odor.

Dark coffee

In fact this is actually a very normal color for menstrual blood that has been circulating for a while, so such a phenomenon occurs at the final stage of the cycle. If you instead observe this on the first day of menstruation, it may be appropriate to talk to your doctor.