We all know of a curated and highly institutionalized profile of politician Grisa Duma and hard to think outside of the "costume" she has long created in front of the public. But most of all, of course, she also knows how to be more sporty, with jeans and a t-shirt, to discover other profiling that few know about.

In the new season of Pop Culture it was MP Grida Duma who started it with an interview with Dojna Mema. "One day with Dojna", Grida confessed details of herself that he had not previously told the public.

Perhaps not everyone knows that Grida once studied violin and was in art school, but chose to give up gymnasium.

Born into art and raised in a family with a high demand for education, Grida would have no easy way to her dreams and passions. Although the studio had been violin for several years, he chose not to pursue music and the real reason the DP MP said only today:

“It is terrible to have a teacher at home. I went to the exam and she was part of the committee, then she was very excited and left, but as soon as she left she told one of the ladies there that she wanted to show that she was more demanding than them and that it never occurred to me to take one. a maximum result, though I was tortured. It was beach time and there were cousins ready to come to my backyard. I listened to them playing the ball and I continued to study the violin to get the violin lessons. Anyone who thinks that art is a simple thing is the hardest thing to perfect. I remember as a kid today that studying violin was the hardest thing I did, 4-5 hours a day and I didn't manage it ”- she finally admits.