The surroundings, completely white. Everything that catches your eye at a glance looks magical and perfect. The natural flowers on the guests' tables have begun to dance from the light breeze coming from the shore and has started to blow at dusk. The staff, at the last minute, fixes anything left in the final moments. The first guests have begun to come and, contrary to them, the employees of the large hall begin to hide…. Everything looks ready. Any last chair or a cover and it's over. After a few minutes, a key sounds. The lights are on….

Creating a "ceiling" with bright, colorful lights to reflect the night sky with stars may seem the simplest thing for us who are invited to a wedding ceremony. Even, many times simpler than our decision to choose the dress we should wear at a wedding (I had three months thinking about what to wear), but in fact it is not. Nothing would look perfect, fabulous, if the lighting were not at the right level. Because if the couple at the first dance, the lighting went to a table eating meat without breaking the ban, that would be remembered by all the guests. However, the role of the lights is not so basic, on the contrary. In recent years, lighting has been seen not only as an important element to give the holiday proper attention, but also as a perfect backdrop for photos that will forever be recorded by the protagonist couple.

As light, clean and light as the spring - summer wedding lights are, so strong and dramatic do they become that of the autumn - winter season. Of course, always depending on the main requirement of the couple, but also on the specialists, decor and the main concept of the wedding.

For years, wedding ceremonies have been organized by a wide staff who conceives, designs and applies every detail of the basic theme of the holiday very carefully. Be it with classic elements, be it with modern elements, the weddings of our times have a very important asset such as lighting, which gives light to the new life that begins after this day…

Ergys Benja, manager at a lighting company, confessed to Class, the role lighting has in our day's weddings, especially those of the fall season - which records the largest number of wedding ceremonies.

According to Benja, lighting creates a mood in a wedding ceremony and this is already felt by everyone. Who doesn't get emotional, feel romantic or make an "ohh" every time he sees a red light coming from the couple's table, carefully distributed throughout the room to "touch" all the guests? Did the situation even begin to penetrate you?

What is the role of lighting in a wedding ceremony? How much does a couple marrying appreciate the effect of the lights?

The role of lighting has become indispensable at weddings. Not only because it creates a state of emergency in the hall between the guests and the couple, but also because it seems to build a "bridge" between the theme and every personal detail of the bride and groom.

The couple's appreciation of the lighting depends entirely on them, because the lighting is closely linked to the music. When organizing a dinner, for example, a couple who has chosen a particular repertoire have also wondered what the lighting might be. Aside from serving the decor because it accentuates the colors and makes them more prominent, the lighting also adds to the holiday.

Do couples marrying have "strange" desires for lighting / lights? Which are?

Usually, couples choose any specific color they desire. Brides, of course, are the ones who interfere the most in this part. They have a special request for a "follow spot", they want to be the only ones in the dark and the rest of the room in the dark. During the moment the couple enters, at their first dance or other moment, the lighting needs to be focused somewhere to emphasize that element more than others.

Do autumn weddings have any specific lighting characteristics?

In line with the season. The color is usually specific and serves to create a romantic environment. In the fall, the lighting is slightly lower in the hall, white, and stronger in the couple's seat.

If the bride and groom say "we want a wedding with very romantic details", what is the first color that comes to brighten the environment?

Couples usually have confidence in the service we provide, even though we always keep in mind their requirements. Colors are almost all my favorite, there is no definition or exception to them. The only exception, perhaps, is the green color, which is rarely used, let alone used.

Should the lighting always be in harmony with the decor?

Of course, they are like a symbiosis that complement each other. The lighting has endless details, each décor has a wide range of lights that make it look stunning. It should not be forgotten that every decor is specific, because every special lighting makes the surroundings even more beautiful. Of course, even the style chosen is of great importance - the lighting is also adapted to it.

What is the key moment during which the lights play a central role in the marriage ceremony?

Key moments are the couple's entrance, cake cutting, any special numbers at night, such as flames, violin, cello, Indian dances, folk dances etc. A very important factor in the wedding is the guests who come willingly to such a ceremony, but also the music that elevates the atmosphere.

Do couples (generally, from your contacts) believe in the power of lights?

In every time…..