Nor had Alban himself thought that he would feel so embarrassed when asked about Niki Delijorgji in "Rudina", but, with much embarrassment, admitted that he had "fallen head over heels" for the famous model.

As he said, Nick has known for years, but in their society this work " man woman has just started as a joke and just so". But only minutes after Rudina provoked him again and asked if he really had a head for Nick, and he, with a heartfelt emoji, speechless, confirmed.

He was blushing when Niki Deliorgi was mentioned. Not much to understand, man in love can not cover, try as much as you want, " - said Rudina and, to save, Alban said" everyone has his own perception ".

This gesture could not escape Nikki, who has often posted videos showing her dancing to Alban's songs.

But this time, she reacted by posting on Instastory a photo from Alban's interview, which reads: "My husband is obsessed with me publicly."

If Niki and Alban are going along with their jokes, we can't say for sure, but Alban could hardly bear the embarrassment of yesterday's afternoon, this was understood by the general public. So the “ hurdle ” is just the time when we learn that the couple have been together for a long time.