Almost throughout the sweet waiting period, Bruna Lahe is spending full care of herself and her baby. There are still a few weeks left until Bruna and her husband become parents of a daughter and by then Bruna is making sure everything goes well; Eat healthy, do as much physical activity as possible, and show great diet success.

A few weeks ago, the moderator invited Rudina, a moderator, to say that during her sweet waiting months her diet has become healthier. At the beginning of pregnancy, for almost three months, she ate only doughs, almost everything with only dough contents: “The first three months were just doughs, I ate without end, I was constantly hungry. Colleagues told me that this season you will close with 20 kg more…. ”

But later, the diet changed: "Breakfast has changed, I don't get out of the house without a good breakfast. Even because of work, I was more likely to eat breakfast in the morning, but not now. I don't get out of the house without a good breakfast. ”

When she had not yet entered the sixth month of pregnancy, Bruna had added only 9.5kg, but no problem at all. By December, a few more pounds will be fully justifiable…

Apparently, even the few pounds he has gained during this time have allowed Bruna to allow herself to sin even someday like today, when any dessert does nothing wrong.

In some photos she posted on her Instagram with handmade sweets, Bruna excuses herself when eating sweets because it is not her nature to eat them often: If you eat too many sweets, according to various studies, your child may be allergic or develop asthma in the future. The mother herself is at risk of diabetes if she is overcooked with sweets or canned juices. Fortunately, I don't like sweets, but sometimes I can't resist their temptation. With chocolate or fruit flavors of different colors and shapes, with cream or noodles after eating one (several) pieces, the smile on the portrait comes. Photo 3 proves this.

PS I didn't eat all the sweets on the plate myself. I swear! ”She adds at the end.